Edinburgh Castle Pub
950 Geary Street
San Francisco  
open 5pm everyday

fish and chips until 9pm

recovery special
$5 - pint of PBR/shot of whisky

Coming Up:

Trainspotting Day
Saturday March 25, 3pm

​Quiz Night Every Tuesday,

Trainspotting Fans 

Trainspotting 2 is released this month. In 1996, The Castle was the venue for the US premiere of the stage play version of Irvine Welsh's brilliant novel. 
Irvine reads at the Castle every time he visits the City.

On Saturday March 25, at 3pm, the Castle is hosting a Trainspotting Day. 

Readings from the original novel, clips from the original film, live music from Walshey and Westy, give aways, drink specials.

No cover. Choose life. 

above -- the original poster for the Castle's production of Trainspotting in 1996